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San Diego State University

Common Experience



Jose Preciado, Director

Office: 619-594-2209

Direct: 619-594-3581

Cell: 619-922-2209


Marylou Montross, Programs Specialist

Direct: 619-594-3157

Fax: 619-594-2124


Alejandro "Alex" Contreras, Programs Assistant

Office: 619-594-2817 


Division of Undergraduate Studies

Common Experience

San Diego State University

5500 Campanile Drive

San Diego, CA 92182-1623

Phone: 619-594-5842 or 619-594-5841

Fax: 619-594-7934 


The Common Experience

The Common Experience is a component of SDSU's Office of Academic Engagement Programs in the Division of Undergraduate Studies. The office of Academic Engagement Programs implements programs that offer high impact educational practices such as service learning, undergraduate research, internship, and shared intellectual experiences. These increase faculty-student interactions, deepened student learning, and lead to advanced student achievement.