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San Diego State University

Friends of Balboa Water-Wise Projects




Background: Balboa Park has irrigated its lovely gardens and grass lawns with 100% potable water (drinkable water). The parks need to irrigate daily is costing the entire City of San Diego thousands of gallons of precious water.


Friends of Balboa Park are an organization in San Diego that improves individual institutions in Balboa Park, transcending such things as technologies and addressing human needs. The organization does park-wide projects, most currently being their Water-Wise Project. Their aim is to improve the park’s accessibility and lay the foundation for a secure future.


Water-Wise Parkland Goals

1. Optimize water use in the parkland by 2020. "Parkland" means the space outside the buildings/physical infrastructure.

2. Contribute significantly toward making Balboa Park an internationally recognized best practice in water use.

3. Make Balboa Park an internationally recognized best practice in use of the collaborative Community of Practice model to achieve these goals.

4. Establish and operate the Friends of Balboa Park Center for H2O Experience to support the three goals above through eco-tourism and eco-education for visitors, students, and staff.

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Water-Wise Project 5 sub-communities

• Smartscaping

• Documentation

• Water Delivery

• Eco-tourism and Eco-education

• Program Management 


Related Majors/Fields of Interest

• Mechanical Engineering – Irrigation

• Horticulture

• Landscape Architecture

• Ecology

• Mapping – Water Infrastructure

• Geography

• Behavioral Science

• Smartscaping


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To learn how to get involved with the Water-Wise Project, please contact:


Christian Zaragoza

The Common Experience

Office: (619) 594-1260