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Common Experience Water


Taking the Waters: Spirit Art Sensuality by Alev Lytle Croutier


By way of prelude to this history of health-seeking and hedonism, "Taking the Waters" dives into the mythological and religious history of water - including water deities, sprites, mermaid, ritual baths, sacred rivers - and concludes by bringing this most universal of subjects up to date with a guide to the world's most exclusive spas such as the Golden Door and Cal A Vie in the US and Rancho La Puerta in Mexico.


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Water the Ultimate Cure by Steve Meyerowitz


Water plays an essential role in our health: good hydration cushions bones and joints, transports nutrients, flushes toxins, regulates body temperature and empowers the body's natural processes of healing. Learn what type of water is best and how to use it to achieve maximum health.


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