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San Diego State University

Experience Movement

Sowing Seeds of Transdisciplinarity through Shared Experience


Each Common Experience at SDSU starts with the word, “experience”. The inclusion of this word as the first and only constant within the Common Experience suggests that phenomenology is important in approaching any interdisciplinary endeavor. This systematic study of experience is an attempt to make a context for the objective analysis of phenomena which are typically considered subjective, such as feelings, sensations, and perceptions. Methodologies in the field of somatics take us one step deeper into experience through technologies that enable us to linger a bit longer in the sensation of our bodies in motion before naming anything. The workshop is built on this understanding of movement. To foster the most potent transdisciplinary conversations possible, the audience will come from diverse disciplines including Philosophy, English and Comparative Literature, Education, Psychology, Biology, Women’s Studies, Theater, and Cognitive Science, from UCSD. Having a carefully curated group of participants from multiple disciplines “experiencing movement” together for two days will greatly increase the potential for our “interdisciplinary” exchanges to become “transdisciplinary”. The somatic practices within this workshop will offer numerous opportunities for participants to communicate their subjective experiences of movement. The workshop has the potential to serve as a space for reconnecting to one’s inner resources, releasing habits of holding excess tension in the body-mind, and relaxing into a renewed enthusiasm for their own work.

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Event Details:

Topic: Sowing Seeds of Transdisciplinarity through Shared Experience


Event: Embodying Cellular Consciousness through Touch and Movement: A Body-Mind Centering Approach® 


Date: Friday and Saturdaty, Feb. 10, 11


Where: ENS 200



Faculty Leader: Jess Humphrey MFA, School of Music and Dance


Event Speakers: Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Embodying Cellular Consciousness Flyer