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San Diego State University

Experience Movement



2017 International Photo Contest


 Defying Imagination: 

Images that depict something that you did not expect, or that helped you imagine life in another context during your international experience


Submission Deadline: Monday, September 25, 2017 at 4:00 p.m PST.


Participant Eligibility

  • Participants must be current SDSU students
  • Photo must have been taken by the participant during an SDSU international experience.
    • Includes all faculty-led programs, SDSU exchange programs, CSU-IP programs, ISEP programs, independent program, foreign internships, volunteer, or work abroad.
    • Degree-seeking international students may also submit entries from their experiences abroad at SDSU.
  •  Each photo submission requires a narrative that explains how the photo connects to the contest theme and why the image holds meaning for the participant.
    • (Narrative must be a minimum of 30 words and a maximum of 75 words)
  • SDSU employees are not eligible.


Number of Entries

  • Each participant may submit either one or two photos
  • Each submission must have its own narrative (min 30 words, max 75 words) 


Submitting Photos and Narratives


1) Participant’s Full Name

2) Red ID number

3) Photo Location & type of SDSU Program

4) Title of Photo. (The photo’s file name must be saved as your last name + submission entry number (1 or 2), for example “Smith1.jpg”) 

Photo Contest Link

SDSU International Photo Contest