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San Diego State University

 Sustainability Day at the Aztec Student Union

As part of the Aztec Student Union Grand Dedication Week, Sustainability Day will offer insight into the Union’s LEED Platinum design and sustainable living. The Student Union will host a series of events and provide information on efforts being made in sustainability. The Common Experience will be tabling at this event, promoting its spring 2014 programming, while also working in conjuncture with the City of San Diego to promote water sustainability to SDSU students.



Sustainability Day Film Showcase


Associated Students will screen films related to sustainability (Titles TBA). The Common Experience will be screening the film ‘Water First’ by Hart Productions.


Aztecs Waste No Water


Sustainability Day is a great kick-off to showcase how students, faculty and staff can waste no water. For the month of March, we challenge each Aztec to:


1) Take a 5-minute or less shower. You can save up to 75 gallons of water a week just by doing this.


2) Turn off water while lathering up in the shower. You can save up to another 75 gallons of water a week.


3) Turn off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving. This saves 35 gallons per week.


4) Be a model of conservation. Post or tweet about other ways you are saving water. Don’t forget to tag #WasteNoWater


5) Spread the word. Share a tip with a friend or neighbor.

Event Details:


Date: March 5th


Time: All Day


Location: Lee and Frank Goldberg Courtyard

San Diegans Waste No Water Campaign