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2019 International Photo Contest 

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Defying Imagination:

Images that depict something that you did not expect, or that helped you imagine life in another context during your international experience

Submission Deadline: Monday, September 16, 2019 at 4:00 p.m PST.

Participant Eligibility

  • Participants must be continuing students enrolled students at SDSU at the time of submission.
    • Incoming Freshmen and incoming transfer students are not eligible.
  • Photos must be taken by the participant during an approved SDSU international experience.
    • Includes all faculty-led programs, SDSU exchange programs, CSU-IP programs, ISEP programs, independent program, international internships, volunteer, or research abroad.
  • Degree-seeking international students may also submit entries from their experiences while attending SDSU.
  • SDSU faculty and staff are not eligible, even if concurrently enrolled as a student at SDSU.

Photo & Narrative Requirements:


  • Contest entry must include one photo and a corresponding narrative.
    • Upload your photo file using the following format:
    • FILE NAME: The photo’s file name must be saved as your Last name + RedID number, for example, “Smith888888888.jpg”
  • Photos must be taken by the student submitting the entry.
  • The student who submits the entry CANNOT be in the photo (e.g. You cannot submit a “selfie” or have someone else take a picture of you).
  • Digital format is required. No print or film submissions will be accepted for entry into this contest.
    • All digital files must be uploaded in JPEG (.jpg) format
  • Photo resolution must be larger than 500kb as all winning photographs will be enlarged to 8"x10".


  • The photo requires a narrative that explains how the photo connects to the contest theme and why the image holds meaning for the participant.
    • Narrative must be a minimum of 100 characters and a maximum of 250 characters.
  • The narrative must specifically address how the photo you chose to submit represents the contest theme. Ask yourself, “How does my photo show one or more of the aspects mentioned in this year’s theme?” and write your narrative accordingly.
    • Judges are looking for the dynamic relationship between your narrative and the image. Submitting a photo that meets the requirements but a narrative that does not can negatively affect your chances of winning.
  • Narratives are subject to editing for grammar and clarity by the SDSU judging committee.

Submitting Photos and Narratives

  1. Participant’s Full Name
  2. Red ID number
  3. Photo Location & type of SDSU Program
  4. Title of Photo. (The photo’s file name must be saved as your last name + submission entry number (1 or 2), for example “Smith1.jpg”)